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Vision for ROSE Working for the good of the Mother Earth. To provide a safe and clean planet for our children and grandchildren, and the seven generations to come. Working to support Ethically Sound Environmental decisions for the future. We hold the power of our vision in our own hands.

What’s up with the SCE/CEP

What’s up with the SCE/CEP.

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What’s up with the SCE/CEP

In my opinion, I’m very concerned about the way the SCE/CEP was set up and the direction the leadership of SCE/CEP is now taking us. Instead of taking the neutral position and uncovering and observing the evidence as presented they … Continue reading

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My full statement to the NRC, Oct 27, 2014

I’d like to thank the NRC for hearing our comments today. I’am happy to see many friends here today that will speak for the safety of CA. I must say, I no longer believe that SCE is considering doing the … Continue reading

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A Little EcoShaming – Powerful Motivation

A Little EcoShaming – Powerful Motivation      For years my wife and I put off that Solar Array for our roof.  We’d checked into it several times, but the cost always seemed too great to pull the trigger.  Then … Continue reading

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Premature Failure of U.S. Spent Nuclear Fuel Storage Canisters

In a nutshell all we are saying is that this process should be slowed down to ensure the best possible choice of dry cask canisters is made, spend the money wisely “once” to avert another steam generator type disaster and … Continue reading

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Stanford engineer Jacobson: U.S. can attain all renewable energy by 2050

Originally posted on San Onofre Safety:
Post revised 7/28/2014 to reference Mark Jacobson’s California study, A roadmap for repowering California for all purposes with wind, water, and sunlight, June 2014. This study presents a roadmap for converting California’s all-purpose (electricity, transportation, heating/cooling,…

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Open Letter from World Scientists to All Governments Concerning Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)

Originally posted on APP Advocate Precautionary Principle:
Scientists are extremely concerned about the hazards of GMOs to biodiversity, food safety, human and animal health, and demand a moratorium on environmental releases in accordance with the precautionary principle. They are opposed…

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