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Michael Mariotte of NIRS telling NRC to close GE Mark I reactors

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Action Alert Call Gov Brown

Gov Brown, what kind of deal have you made for your tax hike to pass & with whom? Why have you NOT been speaking out for the ratepayers in CA? We should not have to pay for the repairs at … Continue reading


CPUC and Mr Peevey

August 23rd, 2012 Dear Readers, California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) president Michael R. Peevey wishes to be forgiven for his several decades as a senior executive, including president, of┬áSouthern California Edison: “I left there in March, 1993, over 19 years … Continue reading

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How to Decommission a Nuke Plant

We should all read up and Decommissioning a Nuke plant so we can answer questions on the topic, now that we are getting closer to shutting them all down. Right!

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Creative Use of Wastewater Is Key to Quenching Global Thirst

University of California, Irvine Parched cities and regions across the globe are using sewage effluent and other wastewater in creative ways to augment drinking water, but 4 billion people still do not have adequate supplies, and that number will rise … Continue reading

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Tell your Rep to attend CAN briefing on Nukes

Have joined us yet? 405 People have, we need you all. Please act today. Signing this petition sends an invite to YOUR Congressional Representative to attend OUR CAN Congressional Briefing on September 20 in the Canon Building from 2-4pm!!! Please … Continue reading

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Activists call for Peevey to resign.

Many of California’s environmental activists are starting a campaign calling on Michael Peevey, President of the CPUC, to resign. Please join us. So, I am writing to ask as many of you who will join us in this action as … Continue reading

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