• Working for the good of the Mother Earth. To provide a safe and clean planet for our children and grandchildren, and the seven generations to come. Working to support Ethically Sound Environmental decisions for the future.  Please join us. We hold the power of our vision in our own hands.

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  1. Dana Cramer says:

    would love to share!

  2. Amy H says:

    I would like to find out when the next peaceful protest will occur? Or what can I attend to help support the shutdown? Thanks!

  3. I would like to invite ROSE to join us in adding electrosmog pollution to your list of toxic dangers to fight. Electromagnetic radiation exposures are the fastest growing form of pollution. Smart meters, cell towers, unsafe exposures that are millions of times what science shows to be harmful – we need to protect all biological beings from these. http://www.electrosmogprevention.org
    We are in San Diego County.

  4. Idaho Lorax says:

    We could introduce our selves with “Living with Uranium” or “Behind the Uranium Curtain” or “Radioactive City” or Idaho Lorax Speaks, or even take a close look at Uranium on schools on your Safecast link to Pocatello, Idaho. Or, you can see the extant of what we have to do when LUDS Disease, and Millions of tons of processed Uranium are deposited in cities. Or, enjoy or latest attention Event. It is not fake, it is real! And yes, you can easily Pan for Uranium in the Pocatello Valley—buy the shovel load. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=woo4oLPQ6Qo

    Remember to Goggle each of those Documentary based sites and ‘click ‘Images
    i.e Goggle search: “Idaho Lorax Pocatello” and click ‘Images’

    We just put up a new site for data: Radioactive City – Data Systems

    If you would like to help, please contact us, at the above, sties.

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