Is a First Alert System at San Onofre Nuclear Waste Dump Possible?

Is a First Alert System at San Onofre Nuclear Waste Dump Possible?

Darin and I took some radiation readings June 12 at SONGS waste dump on the ISFSI pad of 324 CPM’s and talked to Tom Palmisano about Safecast and the setup of a real-time independent radiation monitoring system with free public access.

I posed several questions to Sean Bonner of Safecast and Arnie Gunderson of Fairwinds and Dan Sythe of Medcom International about how a first alert system at San Onofre nuclear waste dump should be implemented. Below is their combined answers.

If SCE would place a Solorcast nano (using the CPM option} and a thermocouple were to be placed at each of San Onofre Holtex canisters right at the heat vent for monitoring like Darin and I did on Jun 12 (see picture) we know that there will be some differences between each of the 72 canisters. As long as the CPM numbers on a particular canister stayed close to that same number, say 324 CPM’s over a period of time, that would indicate “no leak”. However, if this same canister’s numbers moved up more than 100 CPM’s or more (or any of the other canisters numbers changed), that higher number if it stays up for 24hrs or so would be an indication that a leak has begun, therefore being an early warning system. We would also have to do the same monitoring at the 51 Areva canisters that some of them are already 15 years old.

SCE monitors are on the fence more than 50 ft away and 30 ft high in the air and are too far away to pick up these subtle numbers because they are monitoring in Rems instead of CPM’s.

The use of CPM will give us quick action and notification time we would need to warn the public, if, of course, we have real-time public radiation monitoring.

“The Solarcast (and the new Solorcast nano) and the earlier Pointcast system were designed specifically for that kind of always-on-always-connected purpose. So, a real-time first alert system is a good idea. We’d love to work with you to put together an appropriate system though, and honestly, the new Solarcast Nano’s might be perfect for this.
Yes, our system was designed with that in mind, the final coding on that isn’t done but the idea is you can specify all sensors within X area and if they increase by more than a certain % you can be notified.” Sean Bonner

The answer is “YES” it is possible to have a First Alert System at San Onofre Nuclear Waste Dump! Please join us and support our efforts for this system at the next CEP meeting on Wednesday, June 27, it will be at the Casino in San Clemente, from 5:30-8: 30 pm.

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