California Nuclear Survey

ROSE is taking a Nuclear Survey to help develop a action strategy for California’s nuclear waste. We are looking for a simple yes or no answer. Please respond by leaving a comment below. Thank you very much for taking the survey.
1. Do you believe California should stop making nuclear waste as soon as possible?
2. Do you believe California’s nuclear waste should remain where it is for the next 300 years?
3. Do you believe the Federal Government and the DOE should keep the promise they made to remove nuclear waste from power plants?
4. Would you lobby the state of California’s elected officials and Gov Brown by one of these methods, email, phone, or direct personal visit to Sacramento about California’s nuclear waste?
5. Do you believe it would be helpful for the state of California to get involved in the nuclear waste issue and lobby the Federal Government to solve the amounting nuclear waste problems in the country?
6. Would you like your local Environmental groups to lobby Gov Brown and state officials to take a stand to help make California safe from nuclear waste?
7. Do you believe it is time for the the Federal Government, the nuclear industry and environmentalists should work together to find the solutions to the nuclear waste problem?
8. Should we do nothing about nuclear waste or just keep kicking these nuclear canisters down the road for future generations to deal with?

About residentsorganizedforasafeenvironment

Vision for ROSE Working for the good of the Mother Earth. To provide a safe and clean planet for our children and grandchildren, and the seven generations to come. Working to support Ethically Sound Environmental decisions for the future. We hold the power of our vision in our own hands.
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4 Responses to California Nuclear Survey

  1. Nuclear waste does not “go away.” There is nothing that is positive about the waste by-product of nuclear power. Uranium in the ground is hazardous enough, but once is has been manipulated into a source for nuclear plants it is more dangerous. If the plan is to destroy all living things, then please continue the present course. If there is a true concern about safety and wisdom when it comes to energy then all use of Uranium / Plutonium for power needs to stop yesterday!

  2. Diane Hennessy says:

    1,3,4,5,6,7 = Yes 2&8 = No

  3. kaskurs says:

    California must immediately stop making nuclear waste. There is no way to safely transport it or store it and I don’t think it’s fair to send it off to another unfortunate state. I do believe we should move it to the closest place away from earthquake faults and active volcanoes, away from water and aquifiers and then safely store and manage it the best we can forever. There must be a procedure future generations can follow for thousands of years to look after it. But this should in no way be used as an excuse to create more! And we should accept no waste from any other state or country whatsoever. Darrel Issa has already promoted the Andrews, Texas site as a way to keep the nuclear industry prominent. I don’t think that should be part of any responsible conversation. You make it , you take it.

    Most importantly, the utility companies should be responsible for all related expenses WITHOUT ripping off the ratepayer. They profited making it. So let them pay the price. They should never be allowed to sue the federal government for not having a repository. That just robs taxpayers again. No deal.

    However, to be fair, the public or private utility could choose instead of bearing all costs, to give ratepayers individual stock or ownership in the utility so that we, not the CPUC, governor’s appointees, share the costs and profit making, so long as it is from a renewable energy provider, maybe, just maybe with a tiny bit of natural gas to back it up for no longer than five years. We would also elect our own representatives for no longer than a one year term with no fancy ridiculous benefits. Just for the purpose of business being conducted fairly. Each community should have elected representatives with knowledge of law and environmental issues, though no formal degree these or nuclear engineering should necessarily be a prerequisite, unless making decisions specifically on writing the technical manuals for future caretakers of the rad waste. I would personally appoint Donna Gilmore if it were up to me. Then, Patricia Borshman. And Linda Seeley from Mothers Against Nuclear. But we should conduct fair elections unless someone recommended goes unopposed by 75% of the ratepayers in that area.

    I feel this would best serve the interests of communities and our planet because it would provide incentive to stop making radioactive waste and restructure the grid to a more flexible, community based entity , away from one with the big polluting baseload suppliers are reaping tremendous benefits while progress takes a backslide. Diablo could be shut now, not in nine years! But we’ll need a ballot initiative and lots of signature gatherers. Maybe rooftop solar could pitch in to fund such an initiative.

  4. kaskurs says:

    Stop making this crap! Stop lying and saying new technology makes it recycle itself! Please ! Stop running for Congress on the issue of Nuclear Waste, Jerry Kern, while you & Darrell Issa promote interim storage as a solution to the waste problem, ” So we can save the nuke industry in the U.S.A. ! Missed the point completely there, fellas! Quit creating toxic radioactive DNA mutating cancerous nuclear waste!!!! Stop it!! Now!!!

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