Solar wins: How sunshine will save the planet (really!)

Some great news


We’ve had some bad news this year, like wildfires, hurricanes, droughts, floods, exploding oil trains, implodinggovernments, and an international consensus of climate scientists affirming that the end is probably nigh: Any enviro can see these are dark times for the climate. But if you squint hard enough through the gloom, a literal and figurative ray of sunshine emerges! Because you know what, guys, solar energy may just save us all. For realz.

This is a guarded, cautiously optimistic thumps up, mind you.Join Grist for an exploration of recent climate wins. This is a guarded, cautiously optimistic thumbs up, mind you.

It’s kind of a no-brainer — enough free, clean, undisputed energy falls on the earth’s surface in a little over an hour to power all of humanity for a year — but the solar story so far has had its share of struggles, goofs, and embarrassment. (Looking at you, Solyndra.)…

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