My honest assessment/opinion

To all who are working so hard to keep San Onofre SHUTDOWN,

1111 of where we are now. I believe with Sen. Boxer and Congressman Markey’s help and all that activity from the wonderful people that are taking the time to get involved to keep San Onofre SHUTDOWN and to start the DECOMMISSIONING process NOW. This is were we are.

With all the work that has and is going on we have put the NRC and Edison between a rock and hard place, actually they put themselves there. But the result is that I think if we keep up our work with an increased volume the NRC WILL NOT be able to give the okay to restart in May or June (which I believe was the plan) and will hold off for some number of months hoping that we will slow down our activities, or lose interest. Then at some point in the future they will quietly try to restart (which has been their MO in the past). We must keep this in the public’s mind.

Will we let that happen? The answer is HELL NO. This is not the time to slow down. Now is the time to drive them back even further with more creative tactics and a louder voice putting more pressure on them than ever before.

What is certain is we must KEEP IT UP, KEEP IT SHUTDOWN. We need your support & voices now more than ever. This of course is just my opinion we will have to wait to see how it goes, because their is nothing ever certain with the NRC & Edison.

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Vision for ROSE Working for the good of the Mother Earth. To provide a safe and clean planet for our children and grandchildren, and the seven generations to come. Working to support Ethically Sound Environmental decisions for the future. We hold the power of our vision in our own hands.
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  1. madgicalcats says:

    I was feeling the same way, Gene. The way the NRC prevented our 15 minute presentation shows they are scared. The way they tried to schedule honored attendees’ presentations to the end of the evening shows they are scared. They know their collusion with Edison’s reconfiguration without review and re-license was a failure in their sole function to ensure our safety and that of our environment. They are both running scared and they are arrogant, deceitful bullies. San Onofre is a domino in a cascade of nuclear shutdowns and decommissions. Onward.

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