Experiment at San Onofre or not?

Residents Organized for a Safe Environment in San Clemente are concerned that the NRC will give the okay to restart reactor number two while SONGS has no plans to make repairs on that reactor, but only plans to run it at 70% for five months to see if it will work. We call that a dangerous experiment of a seriously flawed & defective steam generator, and we consider the chance for a worst case scenario NUCLEAR MELTDOWN at SONGS to be very high, above 70%. With no workable evacuation plan in place for 8.4 million people in the 50 mile radius (18 million in the 100 mile radius) this will be a disaster for our children and their children to come, a disaster for the home owner of SoCal, a disaster for the economy of California for years to come. How will this effect the economy of America also has to be asked at this time?

With only a little common a sense this tragedy of epic proportions can be prevented. SCE has almost $530 million left unspent, using that money to target and stabilize Ca’s electric grid with the use of solar and other renewables we could easily start the Decommissioning process at San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station and have an economic boom creating years of high paying jobs in the process of cleaning up our environment.Protest 291111

Gene Stone, ROSE36_n

About residentsorganizedforasafeenvironment

Vision for ROSE Working for the good of the Mother Earth. To provide a safe and clean planet for our children and grandchildren, and the seven generations to come. Working to support Ethically Sound Environmental decisions for the future. We hold the power of our vision in our own hands.
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2 Responses to Experiment at San Onofre or not?

  1. richard mcmanus says:

    Saw gene stone name in reader. noticed that the level of radiation was higher than safe. i passed by the first reactor core many times on way to trail one surfing. i did not know what i was passing within 20 feet of, until i questioned the flagman. i was shocked and angry that that contraption that was left on the side of the road without any signage or warning was in fact a nuclear hazard. my girlfriend was with me every time because she was taking classes at a national university location in costa mesa. we were driving from san diego and i helped her drive to get a little surfing at the same time. had i known that was a used nuclear core, i would have never ever gone by it or within miles of it. i was so pissed off i called democracy now! that day i found out, and followed that up with some other shit that didn’t go anywhere. every action i took went nowhere. my question is, “How bad was the radiation exposure if a person passed 10 to 20 ft away at a very slow speed?” I actually witnessed the first core being craned over the roadway into the trailer setup. we were the first car held up at north side, then held up at south end for the rest. Surf was small, just looked at it. when we were at the south flagman stoppage heading north, we witnessed a solo pedestrian dressed in shorts gazing at the operation right at the sidewalk corner into the plant at the stoplight. i doubt that civilian would be doing that had he known and nobody was telling him. At the same time there were hardly any workers there to tell him (for the weeks it stayed there, innocuously stored on the side of the road, nobody was around it). i did not know until i passed that place at least 14 times. each trip counted for two passes. then in late november i passed by one of those contraptions again about 3 am in the morning in Nevada, north of bishop ca. on hi way 6, parked at the boundary peak viewpoint turnout. there was nobody anywhere around it again, nowhere. in the sky there were many planes circling at high altitudes. if that was not hazardous why was there no one nor any vehicles within miles of it. not only that at Montgomery pass about 5 to 10 miles up the road would have been a better place to park it, close to a Ndot facility. evidently it must be more toxic than we have been told. if you are not familiar with democracy now! it can be found at democracy now!. org i could not get them interested as i never saw it on the program nor received a call back. i think it is a huge deal that people know that nuclear core are moving around on the highways of America because i surely believe it is unbelievable that these facilities think that they can sneak this crap around and nobody calls them on it, on a national level. i suspect the military expects to have that power at their disposal, at that pristine location no matter what. that probably is the reason for san onofre as a choice of location to begin with. well now the plant is beyond its projected life and they are still sneaking around to keep it running anyways. they cannot be trusted to tell the truth.

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