NRC Oct 9 public meeting about troubles at San Onofre Nuke plant

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) has scheduled a Category 3 Meeting for Tuesday, October 9, 2012, from 6 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. at the St. Regis Monarch Beach Resort, 1 Monarch Beach Resort, Dana Point CA. 92629.

This will be the first time that local concerned citizens, the NRC and Southern California Edison will take part together in a roundable discussion about San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station (SONGS) issues. They will also be joined at the discussion table by representatives from the California Energy Commission, the Coastal Commission and the California Public Utilities Commission.

This historic meeting will have two parts. The first part will be a roundtable discussion about SONGS steam generator problems. Part two will be a general discussion about procedures of the NRC and their effectiveness. Questions from the public will be taken throughout the meeting I have promised by the NRC.

“Generators 2 and 3 have been shut down since late January for safety issues. We welcome this opportunity to sit down with the NRC, Southern Calfiornia Edison and other interested parties,” said Gene Stone, a resident of San Clemente and head of Residents Organized for a Safe Environment. “Restarting San Onofre would pose a grave and dangerous threat to the eight-and-a-half million citizens who live nearby and their voices need to be heard loudly and clearly. We call on all interested citizens to come to this meeting and express their concerns about San Onofre.”

For more info contact: Gene Stone of ROSE – 949-233-7724
Carol Jahnkow of the Peace Resource Center of S.D. – 760-390-0775

About residentsorganizedforasafeenvironment

Vision for ROSE Working for the good of the Mother Earth. To provide a safe and clean planet for our children and grandchildren, and the seven generations to come. Working to support Ethically Sound Environmental decisions for the future. We hold the power of our vision in our own hands.
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8 Responses to NRC Oct 9 public meeting about troubles at San Onofre Nuke plant

  1. CaptD says:

    Big money Utilities don’t want to lose their market share and they are making it almost impossible for Solar to be installed! Until the people of California DEMAND freedom from their Energy Taskmasters, they will continue to be slaves to them…

    It is amazing to think that the people of California who pride themselves on being so independent allow this Energy SHAM to continue, especially since they like many other Countries are totally dependent on Middle Eastern oil or RISKY Nuclear!

    Until our Governor decides to shake up the CPUC, California will continue to drag its feet instead of race toward Energy independence; just imagine, we could be Solar (of all flavors) Energy EXPORTERS and jump start our economy providing we have true energy Leadership instead of a Nuclear Fix*


    The nuclear industries policy of donating massive amounts of money to insure that all levels of Government support Nuclear Energy to protect their market share despite it’s enormous environmental RISK of yet another Fukushima, instead of supporting less expensive, NON RISKY Eco Friendly Solar energy.

  2. CaptD says:

    The SORE (San Onofre Reactor Emergency) started on Jan 31, 2012 and therefore has been going on for about 8.5 months…

    Therefore at $65 Million per month, SoCal ratepayers have been charged (8 months X $65 Million Dollars per month) 552.5 Million Dollars which has gone to SCE and SDG&E for no electricity generated!

    Said another way SoCal ratepayers have paid about HALF A BILLION DOLLARS in what I believe will be the biggest Energy Boondoggle in US History!

    If a bank in CA was robbed and they stole a couple of million dollars, it would be on both the Local and National news, yet MSM in Southern California is almost silent about SORE (San Onofre Reactor Emergency) half a billion dollar Utility “heist”.

    Ask yourself why we should accept this, then ask all your elected Leaders why they are silent!

    Each day we wait for a refund is costing all of US about 2 million Dollar more.

  3. CaptD says:

    Excellent article (with comments) in San Diego’s
    Proposed Changes To San Onofre’s Decommissioning Fund
    Southern California Edison and SDG&E have collected money for the fund from ratepayers over the life of the plant, to pay decommissioning costs when it ultimately shuts down.

    Electricity ratepayers have already paid more than $3 billion into the fund for San Onofre. It’s estimated that decommissioning Units 2 and 3 will cost $3.7 billion.

    PREDICTION: SORE (San Onofre Reactor Emergency) will prove to be the most expensive nuclear Debacle in the World not counting the Trillion Dollar Eco-Disaster triple meltdown in Fukushima Japan; so the question now is who will pay for it, SoCal rate payers or the shareholders of SCE and SDG&E who have had record profits every year for the past few years!

    Unless the NRC refuses to allow SCE to restart SanO, the NRC will become an accomplice to the biggest nuclear rip off the World has ever known thanks in part to the CA CPUC not doing their job by asking for a full investigation and CA Gov. Brown for “Looking the other way” while the CPUC fails the public’s trust…

    I hope both CA Senators Feinstein and Boxer will become vocal before it is too late!

    • CaptD says:

      From one of the comments posted on the above link:

      More from who I call, “Nuclear Deep Throat” about what is wrong at San Onofre; which if proven factual, exposes a “fleet wide” MAJOR nuclear safety issue that the NRC needs to “FIX” ASAP:

      I’m aware of more than 15 anonymous notifications written by former and current songs employees. Employees wrote these notifications in first six months of 2012 expressing nuclear safety concerns for steam generators, cyber security, excessive collection and use of ssn, songs fatigue management, unprofessional conduct by management, vacation policy and policy conflicts, etc. Employee write these notifications thinking no body knows their identity and they will be safe from management retaliation. It costs a SONGS a lot of money to address these chronic safety concerns.

      However anonymous notifications are NOT confidential. As soon as the SAVE button on the SONGS SAP Computer System is clicked, the SONGS Management can see the contents and name of the writer of an anonymous NN. This is in violation of Energy Reorganization Act of 1978 & Nuclear Regulatory Commission Policy, “Freedom of Employees in the Nuclear Industry To Raise Safety Concerns Without Fear Of Retaliation.”

  4. CaptD says:

    Here are some advanced questions for the Public and all Reporters to ask the NRC prior to the Public Meeting scheduled for San Onofre on Oct. 9

    1. Has the MHI Root Cause Evaluation been completed and available for Public Viewing on the NRC Website?

    2. When will the SCE Restart Plan and supporting documents be available for Public Viewing on the NRC Website?

    3. Will the NRC Chairwoman, other Commissioners and/or Senator Barbara Boxer be available at the Public Meeting to assure public of a thorough, unbiased and complete investigation by NRC?

    4. Besides SCE, will MHI Representatives be available to answer questions by the Public Groups?

    5. Which interest groups will be consulted to have representation on the Table? How many Representatives? Who will decide?

    Friends of the Earth

    Fairewinds Energy Education

    San Clemente Green

    The Committee to Bridge the Gap

    The General Public

  5. CaptD says:

    San Onofre nuclear plant could be offline until 2013
    Comment snip
    According to SONGS Insiders, MHI and SCE were in San Juan Capistrano Last week discussing MHI Role in the Repairs of SONGS Units 2 & 3 and the return of $137 million dollars warrantee money. These sources say MHI is not budging from their position that all the work was performed by MHI in accordance with SCE Design and Performance Specifications and SCE Engineers approved all the testing and documents.

    NRC reports point several deficiencies with MHI work (e.g., Thermal-Hydraulic Computer Code under estimated the Margin to Fluid Elastic Stability, Wrong Design of Unit 2 Retainer Bars, Welding Defects in Unit 3 Divider Plate, Use of Mock-up Test data not Specific to SONGs, etc.). The deficiencies with SCE’s work are hidden or not explained in the AIT Report. According to insiders, the negotiations involve one rep from both companies, and if both of them disagree, then both SCE/MHI select a third person for arbitration. Let us say, MHI gives the money back to SCE, is SCE or CPCU going to rerun the 1 Billion Dollars to the ratepayers or their shareholders?

  6. patricia borchmann says:

    At the upcoming Oct. 09, 2012 NRC Roundtable Panel Meeting (6:00-9:00 pm) in Dana Point, I think Concerned Citizens and Safety Advocates should demand an immediate audit, and update of the Decommissioning Fund for San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station. The scope should probably include all 3 Units!!! Since Unit 1 still has not been fully, or safely Decommissioned, it SHOULD BE a higher priority than SCE has made it so far, (which has been at level ZERO), since it was ‘buried onsite’ many year(s) ago. But it is still not safe, or fully Decommissioned.

    At the June 18, 2012 Public Meeting in San Juan Capistrano, NRC and SCE officials both concurred that leaving the reactor vessel from Unit 1 buried onsite ‘is not an option’!!!! So, why is it still there, still a public health hazard that has not been mitigated? ACTION NEEDED NOW!!!

    The audit/update of Decomissioning Funds for SONGS 1, 2 AND 3 should commence immediately!!.

    The NRC should not allow SCE’s Restart Plan to proceed, since it’s an untested, unproven ‘theoretical’ plan to Restart Unit 2 at reduced power (40%), without any proof whatsoever that it will not cause already thinned tubes (by the hundreds) to rupture, or release massive amounts of radioactive material into the atmosphere in southern California.!!!

    Edison’s Restart Plan for Unit 2 is SCE’s biggest safety gamble yet!!! So do you feel lucky?

    REJECT the SCE Restart Plan for SONGS Unit 2 OUTRIGHT!!!

    Patricia Borchmann
    Escondido resident (San Diego County)


    City Council Agenda – City of Encinitas September 25, 2012 – San Onofre Safety!! (Item 6).
    City of Escondido Public Workshop – October 3, 2012 (4:30-9:00 pm) Council Chambers

  7. CaptD says:

    SCE’s Restart PR Campaign Backfires in MV!

    SCE’s RESTART PR campaign is now in full swing, please tell your friends to find out what SanO insiders are saying about all the technical issues AGAINST RESTARTING SanO, before they attend the NRC Dana Pt. meeting on 10-09-12.

    The complete 6 page PR memo can be viewed online along with many other of the DAB Safety Team’s “Papers” like the “DAB Safety’s Initial Response to SCE’s Restart Plan,” so please bookmark the site, as MORE information will be posted to keep you in the know.

    Any SCE restart is nothing but a $1.2 Billion Get out of Jail Free Card for them!

    Just SAY N☢ To Any Restart TESTING,
    … SoCal cannot afford a Trillion Dollar Eco-Disaster like Fukushima!

    p.s. Kudos to Joe for the SCE PR Restart Pitch Info!

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