Action Alert Call Gov Brown

Gov Brown, what kind of deal have you made for your tax hike to pass & with whom? Why have you NOT been speaking out for the ratepayers in CA? We should not have to pay for the repairs at San Onofre. Where is your voice on this? You should fire Peevey from the CPUC now and call for the Oll immediately. The CPUC is required by law to issue the OII and ‘consider all the costs and reliability issues presented by the SONGS outage.

Please join us starting Monday and call Gov Brown and ask him why he is not protecting the people who elected him?

Governor Jerry Brown
c/o State Capitol, Suite 1173
Sacramento, CA 95814

Phone: (916) 445-2841
Fax: (916) 558-3160


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Vision for ROSE Working for the good of the Mother Earth. To provide a safe and clean planet for our children and grandchildren, and the seven generations to come. Working to support Ethically Sound Environmental decisions for the future. We hold the power of our vision in our own hands.
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9 Responses to Action Alert Call Gov Brown

  1. CaptD says:

    Plus see large number of comment and some new info from an Ex-San Onofre worker here:
    Critics Renew Calls To Keep San Onofre Offline by 10NEWS

    I called Channel 10 and asked them to do a story on which State Leaders not only took campaign money from our BIG Utilities but which ones also hold Utility stocks…

    Can you think of any questions you would like them to ask?

    Maybe if more people get interested and call them, they will do the Story!

    TIP Line: 619) 237-6383

  2. CaptD says:

    It is not just the Leaders, it is the Energy SYSTEM itself that is keeping the US from going Solar (of all flavors) much quicker…

    Many, many more would install Solar if the Utilities paid those that installed Solar for the energy they put INTO the grid, at the very same rate that the Utility charges for that same Energy to folks that take Energy OUT of the Grid! By not paying the same amount, the Utility shareholders receive additional money they do not deserve and the folks that have installed solar end up with a much longer payback period! You can be sure if these Utilities operate their own Solar Farms, they will pay themselves every penny they can…

    Remember Solar usually adds Energy during peak period of use (daytime) and it is only fair that if the Utility charges more for Energy used during that period (by using Smart meters) then they should also credit that exact amount to those with Solar that add Energy during those periods!

    Remember we all already pay an additional fee for maintaining the Grid itself, so this rate ripoff is nothing but a Utility “Profit” Scam…


    Why should shareholders get record profits while the only thing rate payers get is ever increasing bills?


  3. CaptD says:

    Remember this story by Don Bauder in the San Diego Reader?
    Sempra Chief Exec Dumps Almost $1 Million of Stock
    ebra Reed, who was named chief executive officer of Sempra Energy on June 27 of last year, on April 24 told the Securities and Exchange Commission that she has sold 15,000 Sempra shares worth $966,000. The sale took place April 20, according to MMD Following the sale, she holds 57,053 shares. At the time of sale, she performed several other transactions, probably exercise of options, says MMD. Over the past 12 months, Sempra insiders have jettisoned 323,471 shares of Sempra stock worth $18.2 million. None has bought shares.

    • CaptD says:

      They all knew, from the beginning as have tried to down play this debacle so that the rate payers instead of their own shareholders (who have had years of record profits) will have to foot the bill…

      Why has SoCal’s MSM failed to investigate what really happened and expose not only those that kept quiet but also the CPUC which is clearly protecting SCE?

      Why has Governor Brown not gotten PUBLIC about this Debacle, or he also connected because of campaign contributions?

      California cannot afford a Trillion Dollar Eco-Disaster like Fukushima!

      Channel 10 would be smart to ask all our State and Local Leaders “on the record” where they stand on this issue and what amounts of donations they have received from not only the Utilities but the nuclear industry and their supporters!

      Is anyone willing to shout, “Conflict of Interest?”

  4. CaptD says:

    N☢T one but TWO UNUSUAL events at SORE (San Onofre Reactor Emergency) yet no news about what they were reported to NRC…

    Sounds just like TEPCO tactics!

    So what were the two Unusual events about?

    Why is their never any real data released by the Nuclear Industry?

    TEPCO does the same thing, and N☢W they have a Trillion Dollar Eco-Disaster to deal with…

  5. CaptD says:

    Event Notification Report for August 27, 2012

    Great that these leaky reactors are as close to being shut down as possible!

    Let’s make sure they stay that way!

  6. CaptD says:

    How would nuclear proponents suggest the USA (or any Country) pay for a Trillion Dollar Eco-Disaster like Fukushima?

    It is time for the Nuclear Industry and all those that depend upon some form of Nuclear Payback* from them to answer that question, Japan’s Experts thought they were 100% safe before 3/11/11 but time has PROVEN them wrong…

    Almost a year and a half later Japan still has over 100,000 living in Nuclear rufugee housing and having to pay for their meals…

    Elderly Evacuees from Futaba-machi Living in School Bldg in Saitama Will Be Made to Pay for Their Boxed Meals, Starting September 1st
    Just remember that this country (Japan) is still the third largest economy in the world. But after more than 17 months since the earthquake/tsunami/nuclear accident, hardly anyone cares that these people are still living in school classrooms. It’s worse than not caring, because now they will charge for the bento (meal in a box), which will cost these elderly residents 30,000 to 40,000 yen per person per month (US$381 to 508 per person per month).

    Where do they have such money? No one cares. The evacuees from the same town, Futaba-machi, who have moved to temporary housing and other rental properties, have complained that they are not getting free meals, so everyone gotta pay, to be fair.


    Those that support nuclear power because nuclear power somehow supports them; no matter what the health implications or other “costs” are for others.

  7. CaptD says:

    Since SCE decided to “soup up” these reactors without fully disclosing to the NRC exactly what they were doing; in my mind, MHI decided to take the initial “hit” publicly but once the lawsuit gets going expect to see SCE’s story get changed yet again as MHI provides more data. SCE has already publicly bragged about how they “got away” with increasing the potential output in a trade magazine, a story which fingers them as not being guilt free!

    I believe that neither reactor will be in use a year from now and CA will become the poster child for reactor de-commissiong and the 100’s of Billions of dollars it will “generate” (pun intended) in State revenues, which will help jump start CA’s economic recovery…

    Rate Payers should also look forward to getting a big rebate for all the 100’s of millions of dollars they have been charge for this debacle since SCE is now being shown at fault; this alone will have huge ramifications as rate payers are now asking questions about ties between the CPUC (and even the Governor) are with the Big Utilities.

    Maybe we should start calling this SORE (San Onofre Reactor Emergency) GATE!

    Once other States see what decommissioning can to to help their economy, expect to see many other older reactors being de-commissioned ASAP…

  8. CaptD says:

    Read this great article posted on a well researched site called, Paul Langley’s Nuclear History Blog:
    The Loss of Coolant risk in reactors and the urgent call for a “technical fix” that never came.
    Fukushima nuke disaster investigative panel rejects TEPCO tsunami claims

    The final report released by the Diet’s Fukushima nuclear disaster investigative panel has concluded that factors other than the tsunami may have triggered the loss of power at the plant, which aggravated the unprecedented disaster.
    Great Article…
    I agree, the Tsunami was not the main reason for Fukushima’s triple meltdown, despite the nuclear industries desire to make it appear that the Tsunami was the problems because to say otherwise would call into question THE SAFETY ALL LAND BASED REACTORS…

    FUKUSHIMA proved that Nature can destroy any land based nuclear reactor, any place anytime 24/7/365!

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