Fukushima Remembered – San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station

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1 Response to Fukushima Remembered – San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station

  1. Burkey says:

    Great video. I’m glad someone is saying these things. I thought Torgen Johnson and Mimi Kennedy were both powerful speakers. Frankly, I’m amazed there are only hundreds and not thousands of people getting loud down there, but that’s the power of the mass media which tells people Fukushima isn’t a current actual problem. Lots of people think “oh, I thought they took care of that.” Unlike the reality spoken here: that it’s melting down and it’s a situation that’s totally out of control.
    That so few people are aware of this makes me really feel disrespectful of the news media in my town (LA). How can they call themselves “news” while ignoring Fukushima? I also want Japan to know we feel their pain and they are on our minds, those of us who don’t let the TV tell us what’s in fashion to care about. We know what’s happening with you guys has immense importance for all of us in the world right now.

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