In a post Chernobyl, post Fukushima World

In a post Chernobyl, post Fukushima world, the onus is no longer on the public to prove that nuclear power plants are dangerous. The onus is on the nuclear industry to prove that their power plants are safe. With the internet providing the free flow of information about victims of nuclear disasters, proving plant safety will be impossible. Multi-million dollar misinformation campaigns denying the health impacts and heavy lobbying by the nuclear industry is the way they are responding.

Please view this short video from the Ukraine. It is Part-4 of a four part documentary about the relatively unpublicized health impacts on children from the Chernobyl disaster. The nuclear industry denies any link to these child deaths. The Russian scientific experts that I have personally contacted say that over 1 million people have already died worldwide as a result of Chernobyl. Tens of thousands of those deaths were in North America according to the Russians.

The doctors in this documentary are not imagining the cesium-137 based damage to this little girl’s upper heart ventricles. This widespread regional health impact is due to the uptake of Ce-137 into the food chain and shows up decades after a nuclear disaster due to the latency of cancers and cellular mutations. Heart failure is only one of many health impacts attributed to radioactive fallout.

In early April of 2011 I found the milk I was serving to my two small children was radioactive here in San Diego, CA. The source of the radioactivity traveled from 5,500 miles away in Fukushima, spread across the grasslands of North America, was up taken by U.S. dairy livestock, and then placed on the shelf at my local market just 3-4 weeks after the triple meltdowns in Japan. I had no way to detect any of the far more dangerous alpha emitters that were also in the milk along with the radioactive Iodine-131 detected. Any down-playing of these facts by the nuclear industry is an insult to my intelligence.

Please share this video with friends and family with children within the 50 mile zone around San Onofre.

Torgen Johnson


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