Helen Caldicott, C.A.N. Coalition Against Nukes, Residents Organized for Safe Environment (ROSE), are starting a nationwide action plan, a letter writing, e-mail, phone call campaign to our state and federal elected officials until their phone lines and e-mails are full to capacity with our demands that states with nuclear power plants stand up for their citizens, and have the federal government repeal are Atomic Energy Act of 1954. All this to culminate on March 11, 2012 (Fukushima disaster anniversary) in some public action, a national day of protest to take place at power plant sites, or some other action to be decided on by the new working group.  The time has come to repeal the outdated Atomic Energy Act of 1954. If you live in another state please find the appropriate counterparts. Please write or call every day and send this to all your friends.

Gov Brown email:

Governor Jerry Brown                                 Phone: (916) 445-2841
c/o State Capitol, Suite 1173                 
Sacramento, CA 95814                                 Fax: (916) 558-3160

California US Representatives:

Find Your California legislators:

US House of Representatives:

US Senators:


If you have not read the ATOMIC ENERGY ACT OF 1954 (, I would not only encourage you to do so I would ask you and your colleagues to reconsider the whole concept of giving the federal government all control and say so as to the use of nuclear energy as relates to the safety and power needs of California.

In the 1950s, nuclear was very new and not even understood correctly or completely by the experts. This is why the federal government took complete control of the entire industry. To control & produce materials needed to make weapons, to that end they sold the American public on nuclear energy as a future source of power. “Too cheap to meter “was the slogan. This has proven to be totally untrue. Now over 60 years later after much has been learned not only by the federal government but by the states who had to endure the constant radiation problems that persists at nuclear power plants that endanger the public welfare, producing on average 250 pounds per day per reactor.  In America we have 5,000,000 pounds of highly toxic nuclear waste setting at our power plants. Which are licensed as “Power Plants not highly Toxic Nuclear Waste Dumps”.

It is high time for states to challenge the 1954 Atomic Energy Act as old and outdated, and not in the public’s interest or safety any longer. The Department of Energy and the NRC have proven to be anything but good stewards of this highly dangerous radioactive form of energy. Today there’s still no solution some 60 years after to the growing highly radioactive waste materials as promised that are gathering illegally at our power plant sites, and no real solutions in sight to the waste problem. Please I urge you To Repeal the 1954 Atomic Energy Act.


About residentsorganizedforasafeenvironment

Vision for ROSE Working for the good of the Mother Earth. To provide a safe and clean planet for our children and grandchildren, and the seven generations to come. Working to support Ethically Sound Environmental decisions for the future. We hold the power of our vision in our own hands.
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